Friday, June 17, 2011

Double Stack!

This past fall, a friend and I would regularly stop at a McDonalds every Tuesday on the way to visit some friends. The biggest attraction to eating there was McDonalds' 99 cent cheeseburgers. They were cheap, and good for a late night snack. Unfortunately, whatever appeal these supposed morsels had was utterly and totally destroyed in our minds after we repeatedly received salty and bitter excuses for food called cheeseburgers. It was time for a change. Change, it seems, came in the form of an off-hand, split second decision, that changed the course of our lives forever. That decision was Wendy's.

We saw it across the traffic circle, that seemingly equal fast food place to McDonalds. Casually, we pulled up to the drive though and discovered that Wendy's offered a similar menu item to the McDonalds 99 cent cheeseburger: the Double Stack. We decided, "Why not," and ordered a couple. With money exchanged, and Double Stack's in our laps, we both opened the wrappings. It was love at fist bite.

Naught is there a burger in existence that radiates such potent flavor. Naught does any other burger rivet the entirety of you attention with one bite. It's so simple, but so elegant. Its just two delicious hamburgers, a few fresh onions, some crispy pickles, a slice of melted cheese, and two buns all topped off by richly flavored ketsup and mustard.

We then began to regularly order four or more each. One time, my friend had seven double stacks in one night. Suffice it to say, we never went back to that McDonalds again. Now, if ever I'm out, and there's a question of what to eat on the fly, I default to Double Stack. In fact, it's now one of my prerogatives in life to open others' eyes to the grandness of the Double Stack. If only people knew, if only people tasted, maybe the giant, McDonalds, would fall. Maybe people wouldn't settle for worst, never mind second best. Maybe people might smile more often.

Please, please try a Double Stack, then tell everyone you know about the experience. It is truly an under-appreciated delicacy. Here's to the Double Stack!

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